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Invite, Surprise, Resonate: Visual and Metaphorical Thinking for Presentations

Led by Lori & Alyssa

“It takes a lot of work to breathe life into an idea. Creating an interesting presentation requires a more thoughtful process than throwing together the blather that we’ve come to call a presentation today.”  - Nancy Duarte

In this lagniappe we consider approaches to creating a visual presentation that resonates with our audience. More than a report of the facts, a presentation invites us to tell a story, move past cliches, inject humor, create contrast, shift perspectives, and structure repetition to build memorable moments. After an overview of some techniques there will be time for discussion and an opportunity to receive feedback from the group. So if you are working on a presentation for a conference, meeting, or a class, we encourage you to bring a draft to get feedback from a (friendly!) group with fresh eyes.


Thursday, October 18, 2018
9:30am - 11:00am
Centennial Science & Engineering Library
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Event Organizer

Liz Cooper

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