L283 Capacity 15

WiFi hub located in this room for better connectivity to Lobo WiFi.

43" workstation with HDMI or VGA connections for a laptop;

60" flat panel TV with sound;

Glass dry-erase board;

Two rectangular tables;

Twelve chairs;

Wireless internet access;

Ethernet ports;

Electrical outlets.


Monday, December 9, 2019

DEN 2 Capacity 16

Room resources include:

  • HTC Vive virtual reality workstation
  • 4K flat screen (75") and ceiling speakers
  • Podium with:
    • PC desktop
    • Mac mini
    • Cables to connect a laptop
  • Apple TV
  • Switching capabilities between the various devices on the display screen
  • 4K video recorder (Sony FDR-AX53)
  • Webcam and 2 room microphones

WiFi hub located in this room for better connectivity to Lobo WiFi


Monday, December 9, 2019